About Us

Welcome to Emo Elder Society. 

An Australian clothing brand inspired by the scene we grew up in from early 00’s when Emo culture, bands, styles rose to prominence in mainstream society. Inspired by our love of music from Emo, metal, pop punk, metalcore, post hardcore and everything in between. We hope to bring Alt Fashion to all emos, Goths, metalheads, punks and everyone inbetween to be inclusive of what makes us all unique in our own quirky and awesome way!

Also inspired by our own demons and challenges with mental health issues and being able to express that through a creative outlet in designs that we hope will resonate with you all and remind you that you aren’t alone. It affects so many of us and we need to support eachother.

Thank your emo hearts for checking out Emo Elder Society. 

The Process

We draw inspiration in our designs from the scene we have listened to for over decade and a half in culmination with our own thoughts, demons, learnings and struggles and in this we design all of our own designs you see on our product.


We create our designs and products with symbolism in mind. Whether that's from Mental Health experiences, going to gigs to see our fav bands over the years or simply inspired by a creative element.

Horror Comes At Night Tee - Emo Elder Society


We then work on categories, Tees? Hoodies? Crops? etc. Then we decide which fabrics and brands to work with, with sustainability in mind as much as physically possible. Do we do oversize tees or regular fit? Do we do oversize hoodies or crews or just keep to regular? We will do whatever our customers are voting for on socials and asking for from DM's and email.

Wired Heart Snapback Cap - Emo Elder Society


Then we work on, "ok do we want to create outfits with certain designs and categories"? Usually the outcome is yes as we get so inspired we can't help ourselves but put pieces together.